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Loden Platinum Badges on 2014 Sorento

"K" Platinum Series Badge (14+ Sorento)

Loden Platinum Series Badges Installed on new 2014 Sorento

Loden Platinum K badge emblem for 2014 Sorento Front Grill

Loden Platinum Series Stainless Steel Badges installed on the new 2014+ Facelift Kia Sorento. Loden offers precise 150mm badges for the new 14+ Sorento application. Don't bother with imported plastic mass produced 144mm badges which do not fit.. or last. Loden Platinum Series badges offer an unprecedented 5 YEAR all weather warranty. Imported K badges sold by the masses may last 5 months before deteriorating from sun or snow exposure.

Matching Carbon optic/3D raised K Wheel Caps and Steering Wheel Emblem available to complete your K transformation.

Happy Motoring!

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