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Wheel Cap Emblems

"T" Carbon/Stainless Steel Badge (Sorento R)

Installed Photos on 2014 Kia Sorento

Tomato A&P Badges Emblems Logo for Kia Hyundai Vehicles Loden T

New LODEN T Carbon/Stainless Steel Emblems installed on new facelift 2014+ Kia Sorento! 3yr all weather manufacturer warranty ensures these emblems will last

Wheel Cap Emblems

Molded Alloy for precision overlay fitment for Toyota, Scion and Subaru Caps

Loden Wheel Cap Emblem overlay sets are superior quality made from formed Aluminum. Installation is easy and secure with pre-affixed automotive grade 3m adhesive tape. New designs added regularly. B2B & OEM special productions welcome with MOQ/Tooling requirements.

Highlights & Attributes

*Made of Metal
*UV Resistant Materials
*Formed Aluminum for precise fitment
*3m adhesive backing
*Easy, Secure Fitment
*Removal/Installation Guide Included
*Brings new life to your wheels!

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