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I got a lot of compliments on the 86 emblem last night at a local car meet.

Thanks again

Hi , Just wanted to send you the pictures from both grill and trunk emblems (badges) installed. I just exchange my Black 2011 Sorento for the new 2012 Titanium Silver this past Saturday. I used the two set of stickers you sent me and it worked great. Anyway, I'm very happy with the badges, they are definitely high end quality and look great. Thanks again for guiding me to the right direction. Feel free to use the pictures on the website or anywhere else you might want. Have a great weekend!! Dan

Well I got my badge.... I have to admit I was very leary of taking my old one off, for fear this 170mm wasnt going to look right, but I went for it, and happy to say as picky as I am, I was pretty pleased. It almost looks oem really. Yes it's a tad big, but unless you know what your looking for, you would never know. ... I will be sure to pass this on to fellow sorento owners...

i didnt know anything about this website when i first ordered. so i ordered emblems just to see the service and quality. it came fast and with good quality, you guys are good at what you guys do and just wanted to say thanks for great work and service. keep up the awesome work and ill def keep ordering from you guys. definitely earned my trust. thx!

Good morning. I went out later last night and found that the emblems are the correct items. There are 4 emblems in the package after all. I wish every company would have a customer service help like you,both time I have delt with you, you and your service is the best. Thank you for your time, Michael.